Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How-To: Register for OCC Bangalore

As the OCC meet day starting nearing, my phone starts ringing with calls from people ( usually the first timers) seeking venue details, details with regards to the registration and some even enquiring about the dress code ;)

Well, for the information of all those who are interested in OCC but dont have any idea about the next steps, i am putting below a two step process for registering for Open Coffee Club @Bangalore.

1.) Enter the URL into the address bar of your browser. The page displayed is the official BangaloreOCC groups page. Click on the link " Join this group".

2.) Enter the requested details and also an appropriate reason for your interests in this group. Hit Submit and wait for your request to be approved.

If you are already a member of the group and would like to show up for the next meet on 17th Feb @ Coreobject, please do mark your confirmations at

Hoping to catch you all there.
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