Monday, February 4, 2008

Bangalore OCC Facilitators

Open Coffee Club is just the place where prospective Entrepreneurs meet, discuss their ventures, or Ideas, and Groom them.

We have a team of 5 Enthusiasts, who keep pushing to give OCC the zeal it requires to forge ahead, and push forth the best of the Ideas.
More so, We believe, that to learn what sells, you have to listen to people about their painpoints, afterall Every venture passes through all the stages,Be it, Incubating the Idea, to actually taking the call, and Hitting the Road.

The Facilitators :

Ramjee Ganti

Ramjee is a techie, all right.But more so he is an individual who wishes to break past the Monotonous chores of the otherwise technical front(i.e. a Techie Job), and wishes to plunge into his own venture some day.
Besides,Ramjee is a heath freak, and likes to run, Marathons. Speak of heath, and you would find him giving away “Gyan”, for hours!In his words,"If you are not well, all things are on the backseat anyway! ". His blogs can be read at


Vaibhav Pandey

Vaibhav is working as a Software Developer with SAP Labs, Bangalore. Vaibhav is a blogger and technology enthusiast. Apart from blogging he loves to play Badminton,is creative,and likes to meet new people. Vaibhav wants to start his own venture someday.
His blogs can be read at:


Amarinder Singh

Amarinder is currently on sabbatical between two entrepreneurial ventures. After making all possible mistakes in starting & running a niche virtual BPO (for 18 months) company, he is happy & excited to continue his learning in CoreObjects. On the personal front he is ever evolving but still to come a full circle.


Ekta Grover

Ekta is working as a Associate Software developer in VMware. She likes to read, and write, blogs, poetry, short stories. In her words, “I am lost, and do not know what I want to do with my life, but I know, what I do not want to do to it. Expecting OCC to help Rediscover the Creative me..”. She believes, that to listen to your voice, you have to break from the Chorus first.

Contact :

Sailen Kumar

Sailen as of now is a Techie, he loves to read, writes a lot and Virtually drinks technology. He is politician by heart(Read Multitasking [:D]).In near future, with couple of friends, he plans to to launch a "on the web " Applications. Apart from technology & Politics he likes to watch/play football and TT.


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Anonymous said...

I would like to meet up with this group to discuss an idea and connect with VCs. Who do I contact?