Tuesday, February 5, 2008

About Us..

OCC is just the forum you were looking for, if you want to know the A-Z of entrepreneurship, more so , if you wish to hear it from people who made it.

The key is that when we say “Open”, we mean it to the core.
And precisely that is why we have kept it so simple, if you have an idea, Push it forth, and we will take care of the rest.

At OCC like minded people come, and share their vision and everyone has a Take away, at the end of the day. Effectively, there is so much that can be learnt from the first hand experiences of people who have succeeded, but more so from people who are struggling, what the pain points are, what is the kind of revenue model that can be aimed at in this ever booming economy, and an endless other areas, you bring it forth, we will discuss about it.

Like an Idea-Jam, we practice the Six Thinking Hats, More so, in an informal way (Don’t be carried away, by my High end Methodology!)
Why the Six Hats, because, each one of us, tends to add on r contribute from a different Perspective all together, which means, while we practice this brainstorming, we actually simulate a board room milieu , where even if your idea guns down, you tend to admire it, because, the sooner you take the Risks into account, the better, it is.

Effectively, we believe in the famous Computer Networks principle, KISS, “Keep It Simple Stupid”

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Ramjee said...

that was a good way of putting things.

With all the help and participation from the people, i am sure OCC will be a place for us all of us to help grow.