Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Guest factor, OCC Feb 17th, 2008

On the upcoming edition of OCC we will have Sameer Guglani & Nandini Hirianniah from Madhouse / Seventymm with us to share their rich experiences from their entrepreneurial journey

Sameer and Nandini are a married couple, entrepreneurs, and both enthusiastic bloggers.

As I choose to write about , them, I did some R&D through their respective Blogs.After all people are what they think about the world around them !

While Sameer’s blog talks of issues like,
Start up essentials , law of learning, openness to expressing the same (This I found very Interesting, ”Share the Idea,But only enough! “),
Customer Satisfaction,Experience,and Friendly Interface (I am deriving parallels from other topics.),Managing the risks, and Making Fearless decisions,and of course acting courageously on the same.
What amuses me, is the way he descibes the decisions, a strong Vs. a weak, and how a critical decision, becomes a weak one, if it takes a lot of time in acting upon the same.

He describes Performance as a Race Against Time, where a venture is set to meet its expectations, Either to stand up to the Investors confidence, or to get the Funding in the first place.

His Blog page can be read at: http://sameerg.wordpress.com/

Nandini on the other hand talks about issues such as,Taaree Jameen Par, the Bangalore Traffic , Honesty, Why movies do not do justice to a book (Harry Potter, and why it doesn’t come up to a reader’s Expectations),and the like.

Her Blog page can be read at: http://nandinihirianniah.blogspot.com/

About Seventymm :
Its all about Movies, and Indulgence.
I was happy to learn that someone takes fun Seriously !

Seventymm can be observed at:

Looking Forward to knowing more of you, and a rich Learning Experience at the OCC meet this Sunday, 17th Feb’2008@ Core objects!

See you there..

Ekta Grover

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