Saturday, January 3, 2009

Supernova End 2008 - 28 Dec 08 OCC Meet

Most of us don't come back from an OCC meet and write too much about it. I guess this goes more for Generic Meets and lesser for Theme & Special Meets.

In 2008 we had many generic meets and some of them were really moving in terms of dialogue, content & debate (as well as humour at times). Such was the case for the last meet of 2008 - the one at the new venue ZOE. We had 12 folks as new comers and for few others it was their second meet.

Well Arjun has helped us with his sketch of the meet:

At times I get amazed to see frequently new faces, time and again people come after few months and talk about their absence and most importantly nothing sounds better than people sharing - I heard about OCC just 30 - 60 minutes ago and here I am.

Well the above has been the reason of some cheer and smiles in 2008.

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