Saturday, January 3, 2009

OCC Bangalore January 2009 Calendar

Happy New Year. Welcome 2009.

Thankfully Jan 09 is already a promised month for our Startup Ecosystem & Community and even more especially for Bangalore.

Taking into account HeadStart on 9th & 10th Jan and on 23rd & 24th Jan we will be having the OCC meets on 4th & 18th Jan 09 instead of what otherwise would have been on 11th & 25th Jan 09.

4th Jan, Generic Meet, ZOE restolounge (Indira Nagar).

18th Jan, Theme Meet, Guest: Neetibodh Agarwal. He has spend most of his professional years (including Novell & CA) in building software products. Currently he works with CoreObjects, wearing multiple hats in Delivery, Business Development & Strategy. We are yet to freeze on the topic but it can range from:

a. Building Consumer Products Vs Enterprise Products
b. Building Products in the Security Domain.
c. Learnings from Open Source Development Teams ...

Well for above - the focus will be from an Entrepreneur's perspective and not a pure technologist perspective. You may observe: and in case of any suggestions for the meet - just let them flow. We are yet to decide the venue for this meet.

We are also conscious of the possible initiatives and detailed road map items for OCC which though were discussed but not executed in 2008. Hopefully we will roll up our sleeves in 2009.

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