Monday, April 14, 2008

OCC Meetup Summary: 13th April 2008

It was a bright, sunny and pretty warm morning and what added to the warmth was the turnup of around 20 enthusiastic people for the 13th April meetup at Ta`am Restaurants.

Notable discussions were centred around ventures like CommonFloor , B-Box ( website yet to be announced) and Retailmalee .

The next OCC Bangalore Meet shall happen on 27th April 2008. Stay tuned for updates with regards to the venue and the agenda of the meet.

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snigdha said...

hi vaibhav, do you have a bit more information on retailmalee and b-box? or if you could point me to how to get it. thanks.

Vaibhav said...

Hi Snigdha
I shall be mailing you the details sometime today/tomorrow.


Sumit said...

Thanks for the mention Vaibhav.